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Chasing Classic Cars

Wayne Carini chases classic cars all over America, one of his recent buys is a 1963 BMC technical support vehicle used for staff training throughout the USA. The six cylinder diesel engine has a five speed dog leg gearbox, for the younger generation this means that to get reverse gear you have to put the…

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Top Price DVLA Number Plates

458 SA   £100000 50 O   £69000 488 S   £59000 250 GT   £50000 675 MCL   £30500 These are the top five numbers sold at the DVLA  auction at the Stratford Manor Hotel 23rd 24th 25th September 2015 The Registration 675 MCL we believe is going on a new Mclaren 675  we believe that the purchaser of…

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Cherised numberplate Running Footman

1972 Bedford VAL70 Registration: VAL466G New to Smiths Imperial Coaches of Stratford Road Sparkill Birmingham. Registered as DOE 11K. After some years of good service she was sold to John Watson.  He ran as WATSONIAN and often hired her back to Smiths  at peak times, driving her himself he cherished the coach so much that…

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