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Can you buy a registration number that used to belong to a vehicle, even if the vehicle is no longer in existance?

Registration numbers that have been issued previously cannot be re-issued again even if the number is no longer actually on a vehicle.



Are there any restrictions that apply regarding the type of registration I can put on an older vehicle?

It depends on the age of the vehicle as there may be restrictions in place.

If the registration number has an age identifier (i.e. current style, prefix and suffix numbers), you can only put that number onto a vehicle of equal age or newer. As an example, if you buy a 62 current style registration then you can only put it onto a vehicle that was first registered as new on or after 1st September 2012.



How much does a new personalised number plate cost?

All registrations include VAT and an £80 assignment fee, this means that there is nothing else to pay except for the costs of having the actual plates made up.




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