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Collectors of private number plates

Article Posted 20/08/2009

There are many collectors of private number plates, and many people now own more than one personalised number plate.

It is thought that one of the main collectors of private number plates, is a business man called Tom Talbot who would seem to be one of the most prolific collectors in the country. With more than 35 private number plates to his name, which he has purchased at the DVLA private number plate auctions over that last 5 years, a few of which are: TAL 60T, 61 TOM and S7 OKE ( As Stoke is his home town) he also has various other number plates including GOA 11E as he is a sports fan.

Another collector is a Berkshire based business man, who recently purchased 1 MUT at the latest DVLA auction for £12,195 and said it was just a bit of fun.

At the same auction on the second day at the RBS Williams F1 conference centre in Oxfordshire L1 CKS sold for a record £18,623 for a canine related personalised number plate.

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