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Private number plate auction for animal lovers

Article posted 27/08/2009

There were two canine-related registrations: 1 MUT and L1 CKS in DVLA's latest private number plate auction. They fetched a massive £30,800 when they went under the hammer during the auction.

Visitors to the auction held at the Williams F1 Conference Centre in Oxford were left a little shocked when the two animal related registrations were sold for a hugh £12,195 and £18,623 respectively.

Fortunately for dog / animal lovers, many more suitable plates are being included in the next three-day auction that will be held at Dormy House in Broadway, Worcestershire, starting on Wednesday, 7th October 2009.

Some examples include:  DOG 61E, DOG 637T and W124 PUP, all tagged with more modest reserves.

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