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Cherished Number Plates Auction

Article Posted 03/09/2009

The next DVLA private number plate auction is going to be held at Dormy House Hotel, Broadway, Worcestershire WR12 7LF.

The auction will be held for 3 days starting from the 7th to the 9th October 2009.

Amungst many, some of the number plates that will be featured in this auction will be:

A84 KER (A Baker), BO55 SYS (Bosses), BUL 13Y (Bulley), CAR 105S (Carlos)

10 BUG, 90 CG, 11 CRD and 36 DEN

These are just a few examples, so as you can see there will be number plates in the auction to suit everyone, whether you want a dateless plate or a suffix style plate or a current style plate, there will be many to choose from.

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