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Anti-Theft Number Plates Screws

Article Posted 08/09/2009

Operation Safe Plate will be in force next week where motorists can have a set of one-way security screws added to their vehicle registration plates.

For a gold coin donation, police officers and the "Werribee Lions Club" will be removing the original number plate screws and re-fitting them with one-way anti-theft screws.

Werribee Police Acting Sergeant Mark Gray suggested "The initiative shows a perfect example of the police and community working together to combat number plate crime." Which is currently rising.

The theft of number plates from vehicles within local communities continues to be an ongoing issue, especially at train stations.

Also increasingly a high proportion of petrol station thefts are committed with vehicles displaying false or stolen number plates.

Stolen number plates can also be linked to other crimes such as toll evasion and vehicle theft.

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