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Number Plates Revamp

Article Posted18/09/2009

In the last five years, a record number of number plates are being cloned in order for people to commit crime and escape from having motoring fines, the Association of Chief Police Officers says. More than 40,000 sets of number plates were stolen in 2006 alone, a rise of almost 25%, according to police estimates. Acpo wants a central issuing body for the registration numbers, and all cars to have tamper-proof plates fitted.

Acpo's Coventry-based Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service says, it has no confidence in the ability of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) licensing system to prevent the cloning of number plates. The service's Supt John Wake told BBC News: "The registration plate is the first form of identification of the vehicle to the general public.

The DVLA is considering forcing all the UK's 1.3 million motorcycles to be fitted with plates featuring electronic tags, which are currently being trialled. A spokeswoman for the DVLA said it had introduced a standard for theft-resistant number plates, as well as having trialled microchip technology to combat cloning.

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