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How to buy or sell your number plate

Article Posted 27/09/2009

Many of today's buyers and sellers shop online, and also list their own items for sale online. This has spurred the increase of online sales of personalised number plates.

The public has come to expect that all the details involving the successful transfer of cherished number plates can be arranged online, and many number plate dealers will do the transfer for you, it makes it even easier for the buyers and sellers. This includes research to confirm availability, identifying proof of ownership, and completing the relevant dvla forms needed to do the transfer. This makes the buying and selling process for your number plate is easy and simple.

If you intend to sell your number plate online, you should expect to have to provide the dealer with proof of ownership. Proof of ownership includes submitting a current copy of the V5 (Log Book), DVLA form V778, (Retention document), or dvla form V750, (Certificate of entitlement).

Once current proof of ownership is verified, a value will be established for your number plate. Setting a realistic value is important as it can effect the selling process. Usually the value of your number plate is derived by considering what you originally paid for it and how long you have owned the number plate for.

Some of the factors for establishing the value can be: Age, Popularity, Comparable sales and market trends. Once all information is gathered, you and your agent will set an asking price. Then your number plate will be placed on the website for sale.

Once a buyer has been found, the agent will  take the seller's and the buyer's paperwork to the DVLA and register the transfer of the number plate for you. Once the transfer and payment has been completed, then only is the transfer and sale of the number plate complete.

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