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Private Number Plate Formula

A fascinating study by Matthew Corder and Professor Andrew Oswald of Warwick University attempts to shed light on the price differences of private number plates. The Private Number Plates Sales Study examines data from 3000 registrations sold at DVLA auctions in 2002.

The most valuable attribute for Private Number Plates is spelling out a surname, which raises the value by an average of £1300. Spelling out a first name raises the value of personalised number plates by £1100. Spelling out a word other than a name does not make a significant benefit raising private number plates prices by an average of £200.

A single digit ‘1’ on private number plates adds approximately £1000 to a registrations value as does beginning with the letter ‘S’, whereas number plates beginning with an ‘F’ achieve typically £500 below the base price. Selling position also has a great significance on price with private number plates sold at the end of a 1000 item auction fetching £350 less than an equivalent plate sold at the beginning.

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