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20 Years of Success for Private Number Plates

Article Posted 06/10/2009

DVLA personalised registrations will have it's 20 year aniversary in the up-coming auction in October at Dormy House Hotel. Since 1989 when DVLA first launched, there has been record breaking personalised number plate sales across the country at the various auctions held throughout the year.

There are ten number plates that have exceeded all expectations, and seven of those have been sold since September 2008. The highest seller so far to date is 1 D which fetched an amazing £352.411.

A few of the other top ten plates sold are: 51 NGH, 1 A, 2 O and K1 NGS

DVLA have sold over 3 Million private registrations over the years, which critics beleive to be remarkable, as it was thought that the success would be limited when DVLA first launced the scheme.

The popularity of private number plates has continued to grow, and people now buy private number plates to promote their business name or for investment purposes as well as for their own personal names or initials.

In June 2001 the Current sytle registrations were released, which have also been in high demand ever since.

Suffix Style registrations were issued from 1963 to 1983,  then the Prefix Style plates were realeased, which range from 1983 to 2001.

Any plates that do not fall in to the Suffix, Prefix or Current Style categories are called Dateless number plates.


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