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Number Plates Auction Update

Article Posted 15/10/2009

The latest DVLA number plate auction has now come to an end. It took place last week and lasted for three days.

There were many number plate going under the hammer. The auction held around 1600 number plates, more than 750 private buyers turned up for the auction and hundreds of bids were made by person and over the telephone.

The plates 5 O and 2 X fetched the highest bid's, reaching an amazing £71,000 and £44,000. The total amount generated at the auction was £3.62 Million pounds. This is the higest amount reached in any of the auctions throughout the last 18 months.

According to one of DVLA's managers; Dormy House is a popular venue for the auction's and it attracts people from all over the UK. It is the fourth auction that has been held there.

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