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Number Plates UK and Northern Ireland

Article Posted 20/10/2009

It is compulsory to have a number plate on any vehicle in order to show the registration mark of the vehicle.

Number plates have been in existence in the UK since 1904. It is mandatory by law that every motor vehicle that is running on the public roads to have a number plate registered to it. The number plates not only provide a different identity to the vehicle but it also helps in tracing the car in case of an accident or if a vehicle has violated the law in any way.

The standard shape of the number plates in the UK is rectangular or square depending on the vehicle the plate is going on and the dimensions of the plate are fixed by law. The lettering style is also fixed. There are two types of law regarding number plates in the UK. The law for Great Britain is called the DVLA which means driver and vehicle licensing authority. And the law for Northern Ireland is called DVA which means driver and vehicle authority.

The responsibility of the DVLA is to maintain a database of all the drivers and vehicles that exist in Great Britain. Where as DVA does the same task in Northern Ireland. These agencies also issue driving licenses to people and are also responsible for the collection of excise duty of vehicles.

These agencies also issue cherished number plates which are also known as private number plates or personalised number plates. The numbers plates off old vehicles which are now destroyed are known as date less, personal or private number plates. These are very valuable as their demand in the market keeps on growing, year after year.

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