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New "10" Series of Number Plates

Article Posted 29/10/2009

The dvla are getting ready to release the "10" series of number plates, they will be available to veiw on the 2nd November 2009. Although they will only be able to be applied to vehicle's that have been registered from 1st March 2010.

The "10" series will go on sale on the 1st December 2009, the dvla beleive that the new series will open up a whole new avenue of private number plates.

The current style of registrations were introduced in 2001, but it seems that motorists are still unsure about what number plates you can register to what aged vehicle's. The current style of registrations consists on two letters, two numbers then a gap and then a further three letters. The "09" and "59" plates will be replaced with "10" and "60".

The "10" will represent vehicle's that are registered from 1st March and the "60" will represent vehicle's registered from 1st September 2010.

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