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DVLA expects to make 80m for the 10 number plates

Article Posted 11/11/2009

 The new "10" series of number plates are due to be released, and DVLA expect to make £80m from the sale of these plates. They go on sale next month and there is already a massive demand.

Car registration plates with "10" to mark 2010 such as BE10 VED (Beloved) and LL10 YDS (Lloyds) with be going under the hammer at the next DVLA auction in December.

A spokesman said, there has already been hundreds of enquiries about the new series of number plates so the market is going to be very strong.

It is thought that Military types will be after numbers such as CO10 NEL (Colonel) and for all the Elliot's out there EL10 OTT will be on offer.

There is going to be a hugh demand when these plates are released, and it will open up a whole new market for buyers of personalised registrations. The new series of plates will identify vehicles registered from 1st March 2010, yet they will be going on sale from Tuesday 1st December.

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