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Private Plate Auction


The latest private plate auction is coming up fast, only just over a week to go before the bidding war starts all over again for the sixth time this year.

There is going to be an oriental feel to this dvla auction as there is thought to be around Twenty Three Thai delegates attending the Tankersley Manor venue on the 2nd December. They are hopeing to learn how dvla, Driver Vehicle Licencing Agency, generate millions of pounds from the selling of private registration plates alone.

DVLA is now regarded as a global phenomenon and is the envy of many countries across the world.

There are high expectations for the number plate 6 O in this auction following the previous in the O series all reaching high amounts in previous dvla auctions. The total amount generated from the O series so far is a massive £566,344 this is for registrations 1 O, 2 O, 3 O, 4 O, and 5 O, Sold at various auctions.

The market for personalised registrations is hugely popular and private number plates seem to be more desirable each year, and sales keep rising.

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