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Personalised Number Plates


Dateless Number Plates

Dateless number plates can be placed on any vehicle no matter what the age of the vehicle. This has made dateless plates the most popular number plates to purchase especially when buying for an investment. For a few examples of dateless number plates; BAZ 777, 55 KGA or 599 TJ

Suffix Number Plates

Suffix style number plates are only allowed to go on vehicles with an age range from 1963 - 1983 and this depends on the letter at the start of the number plate. For an example of a suffix style number plate is STD 7M

You will mainly see suffix number plates on older cars, but they are becoming more popular especially for spelling out personal names or company names, this is due to the style of the number plate, with the three letters being at the start of the plate. JER 13Y (Jerry) or JAK 13E (Jacky, Jackie).

Prefix Number Plates

Prefix style number plates are allowed to be placed on vehicles ranging from 1983 - 2001, these being the most widely seen private number plates on vehicles nowa days. Mainly used for personal initials or short three letter names, for example V500 GEM, V21 JPM or V500 JAK.

Current Number Plates

Current style number plates range from 2001 to the present day. CA56 ADE (Cascade), MR56 OLD (Mrs Gold)

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