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Private Number Plate D1 ANA


The private number plate D1 ANA is coming up for auction on Tuesday 1st December at Coys motoring auction. It is thought that this number plate will attract many buyers; not only for those with the name Diana but also for the fans of the late Princess of Wales.

The sale is going to be held at The Royal Horticultural halls in London, and they are expecting to fetch in the region of an amazing £100,000 for this number plate alone.

This famous motoring auction is attracting buyers and investors from all over the world, the auction is to celebrate Coy's 90th anniversary. There will be all sorts of items going under the hammer including motor cars, private number plates and sporting guns. It is not every day that a company celebrates it's 90th anniversary and Coy's are going to do it with style. They are having a party on the eve of the auction on the 30th November with live music bands and they have designed a special birthday cake with a motoring flavour which will be delivered in one of the most significant pre - War Rolls Royce's that still exists today.

Now we are finally on the up turn of the recession, people are looking for an extra special gift to give their loved ones at christmas and a private number plate could be just that.

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