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DVLA Number Plate Auction Has Now Started


The DVLA auction has now started and yet again they have had to remove some number plates from sale as they are seen to be offensive to certian members of the public.

Amung those number plates removed from the auction are PAK 11N and 1NLA. This comes after F4 GOT and D1 KES being removed from the last auction.

The plate 1 NLA had a reserve of £3,200 and was due to go under the hammer on 3rd December and PAK 11N had a reserve of £400 and would have been under the hammer on Friday 4th December.

They were removed as PAK 11N may have caused racial offence and 1 NLA could have been interpreted as Irish National Liberation Army.

Apart from these two number plates there are around 1500 plates up for sale in the DVLA auction including 6 O, GLO 555Y (Glossy), 80 LTS (Bolts), 7 LPR and many other fantastic numbers all with resonable reserve prices.

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