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Celebrities and Private Number Plates


Private number plates are becoming just as popular with celebrities as they are with the general public. A private number plate is a way to stand out from the crowd, and although celebrities stand out from the crowd already it is an extra personal touch for their vehicles to stand out aswell.

A few famous celebrities with private number plates are: Max Bygraves with the number plate MB 1, Nicky Clarke who is a famous hair stylist for celebrities with the plate H41 RDO (Hair Do), and Jimmy Tarbuck with the plate COM 1C (Comic).

Magician Paul Daniels was very interested in the number plate MAG 1C but it was already sold and he couldn't get his hands on the plate. He kept on searching for the owner of the plate and a few years later he managed to become the proud owner of the number plate he had always wanted.

Thanks to dvla personalised registrations there are now thousands of cherished number plates in circulation, and the perfect number plate for every individual to put their own personal touch to their vehicle.

Personalised number plates are great gifts as they are unique and individual to each and every person.


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