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Private Number Plate Sales of 2009


Private number plate sales in 2009 were record breaking, the release of the 'O' series of plates attracted big competition and raised £666,000 alone.

Also there were another eight number plates in the auctions that raised £1.1 Million collectively.

When you look back at the year, no one could have ever imagined the amount raised for private number plates sales alone. Hopefully 2010 will be another year that brings new buyers and competition for an amazing year of number plates sales once again.

Following on from last year there will be some terrific number plates in the auctions, starting with 1 OOO coming up in the first auction, to continue the 'O' series of plates.

The first DVLA auction will be held at The Haycock Hotel in Cambridgeshire starting on Wednesday 27th of January.

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