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Private Number Plate for Liverpool FC fans


A1 KOP, the ultimate private plate reflecting one of the most iconic football grounds in the UK, will going under the hammer during the first DVLA private number plate auction of 2010 held at the Haycock Hotel in Cambridgeshire.

This gives motoring mad Liverpool FC fans the perfect opportunity to show their devotion to their beloved football club.

The dvla auction is a Three day event holding lots of fantastic number plates that will be up for grabs. There will be around 1500 number plates in the auction all together and once again it is expected that thousands of people from all over the UK will turn up to bid on their favorite number plates in order to succeed.

Amongst the plates going under the hammer  on Wednesday 27th January  will be:

AMG 80Y (AMG BOY), 4 BEX (Rebecca, Becky), CHA 771N (Chattin), DPA 6E (D Page) and FOL 1E (Folie or Foley)

Amongst the plates going under the hammer  on Thursday 28th January  will be:

1 GPO, GRA 44Y (Gray), JUD 33E (Jude or Judy), JUL 14X (Julie or Julia) and J110 YDS ( J Lloyds)

Amongst the plates going under the hammer  on Friday 29th January  will be:

NEV 333R (Never), 58 RK, 90 RP, SNE 111L (S Neil) and 55 XXX.


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