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Perfect Private Number Plate for Elton John Fans


Thanks to the DVLA personalised registrations auction coming up, Elton John fans can get excited about the registration number ELT 70N  (Elton) featuring at the forthcoming three day auction being held at The Haycock Hotel, Wansford, Cambridgeshire from Wednesday 27th January.

Due to the amount of dedicated fans Elton John has, DVLA are expecting to do very well at the auction with this particular number plate.

Other notable plate will be EMA 11L (Email) which will be perfect for those computer users out there, especially as it is tagged with a reserve of £400 only.

This latest event will also feature the first of DVLA's triple O registration plates with 1 OOO being auctioned on Friday 29th January  with the highest reserve of the auction at £8,000.


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