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DVLA Private Number Plate Auction Results So far


DVLA private number plate auction has started today with an amazing start.

A1 KOP sold for a total of £2,606 which is thought to be the bargain of the century according to the buyer of the plate. He had a £2000 limit and was so pleased when he came away with the number plate he had always wanted as a true Liverpool Football Club Fan.

In the opening few hours of the auction had many number plates going under the hammer. A few of the best sellers were A44 DAM fetching £10,000, AWS 50M fetching £3,200 and 98 AB fetching an amazing £12,700.

Yet again the dvla's private registration plate auction has already made staggering results on it's first day of the Three day event. The next 2 days are thought to be just as popular with the bidders and im sure we will see some more amazing plates going under the hammer and getting great results!!


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