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Private and Cherished Number Plates


Private and Cherished number plates have grown in popularity over the last decade and seem to be rising still. The DVLA personalised number plate auction sales prove this and number plate dealers across the country have also grown.

Many years ago there were only a select few dealers buying and selling private and cherished number plates whereas now there are number plate dealers all across the UK and Ireland.

There are lots of number plate associations such as MIRAD, CNDA and RNC. Only the approved dealers are able to become members of these clubs.

Most number plates dealers will buy and sell number plates on behalf of private clients, although as number plates vary so much it is hard to say how long plates take to sell. (Which is a common question asked by many private sellers).

Number plates can vary in many ways such as price, popularity and style.

Suffix style is the oldest style of plate, then Prefix and continuing to Current.

Dateless plates can be registered to any aged vehicle whether old or new, whereas Suffix, Prefix and Current style number plates are all restricted to specific age ranges.


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