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Personalised Number Plates Auction


The next personalised number plate auction coming up held by the DVLA is kicking off in style at the Manchester United Football Club "Old Trafford".

The event will start on Wednesday 24th March and continue for Three days ending on Friday 26th March. There will be around 1500 number plates going under the hammer at the auction to suit a wide range of tastes and styles.

One of the main number plates thought to raise high interest in '9 O' this follows the 'O' series of plates released last year fetching a massive £666,000 collectively.

DVLA has also secured a limited number of tickets for selected registered bidders to have a look around the Manchester United Museum, which im sure will attract more buyers to this auction in particular. What a fantastic opportunity for those Manchester United football fans out there who are also interested in private and cherished number plates!

Some of the number plates that will feature in this auction are;

Coming up on Wednesday 24th March:

95 AL, BOG 61E (Boggie), CCR 441G (Craig), DAV 333S (Daves), 52 DW, 777 G

Coming up on Thursday 25th March:

HER 31E (Herbie), 888 JJJ, 47 JAK, KER 222Y (Kerry), K3 BAB (Kebab), 9 MTP

Finally coming up on the last day of the 3 day event on Friday 26th March:

28 OO, PET 35S (Petes), SAR 44S (Sara, Saras), 56 SK, WES 7S (West, Wests), 9 XY

These are just a selected few of the fantastic number plates that will be coming up at the event next month.


There are 4 ways in which you are able to bid at the DVLA auctions;

1) Bid in person 2) Bid over the telephone 3) Internet Bid 4) Absentee Bid

To bid in person you have to attend the auction and register when you arrive, you are also able to register before hand but deadlines do apply (This being the most popular way of bidding).

To bid over the telephone you must register before the event and an auctioneer will call you back a few minutes before your selected lot is going under the hammer.

To bid on the internet, again you must register before the deadline and special software is required for internet bidding. (This is a handy way to bid if you are unable to get out of the office).

Finally Absentee bidding, you would have to register and let the auctioneer know your maximun bid for your required lot. On-line absentee bids can be placed up to 1 hour before your required lot is going through.


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