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Number Plates General Information


When purchasing a personalised number plate, the purchaser of the number plate does not have to be the registered keeper of the vehicle. It is possible for someone to purchase a number plate on behalf of someone else. This enables number plates to be purchased as gifts.

If the purchaser is not the name on the Log Book of the vehicle the plate is going to be registered to a nominee name would have to be added to the registration document (Wheather this be a Certificate Of Entitlement or a Retention document) the nominee name has to be the name that is shown on the Log Book V5 that the number plate is going to be registered to.

If the number plate is held on a Certificate of Entitlement this means that the registration mark has not yet been put on a vehicle at all. Alternatively if the number plate is held on a Retention document this means that the registration mark has been on a vehicle before and therefore been taken off the vehicle and put on Retention.

 All application forms regarding personalised number plates can be downloaded from the DVLA website.

When registering a registration mark to a vehicle all documents have to go through the DVLA datebase, this was introduced to cut down on number plate crimes across the UK and Ireland. It is now more difficult for criminals and penalty evaders to get number plates because they need to provide proof that they are entitled to that specific registration mark.

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