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Looking Out For Private Number Plates


Many people are now trying to spot if a number plate on a vehicle is private / cherished or not. It is sometimes hard to tell if a number plate is private or cherished due to the nature of number plates.

There are so many different styles of registration plates available to purchase including current style plates which would be the hardest out of all catagories to tell if they are private or not.

Most private individuals still do not know that there are strict rules as to what number plates can be registered to what vehicles.

There are a lot of rules when it comes to the age of a vehicle, for example you are unable to make a vehicle look newer than it is but it is fine to make it look older. So therefore you would be able to place MR56 OLD on a '56' vehicle or any vehicle that has been registered after that date, but you would not be able to put MR56 OLD on a vehicle that has been registered before that date.

Date restrictions also apply to Prefix style number plates.

Suffix style plates range from 1963 to 1983

Prefix plates range from 1983 to 2001

Current style plates range from 2001 to the present day.


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