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Keeping the kids entertained

Simple car games can turn a journey from hell with moaning kids into a fun activity for the family, according to

The Name Game involves picking a town and then choosing another beginning with its last letter, while in the Guessing Game, one person thinks of a favourite person and everybody else asks questions to be answered with a yes or a no.

Who's Next Door? is a fun and imaginative activity where youngsters make up stories about the people in the car next to them, while Spot the Car competition requires them to count a given number of a particular brand or vehicle colour.

Other fun activities include the Description Game where something must be described without naming what it is or using proper nouns, while Car Cricket involves spotting certain car brands with different allocated scores depending on how rare they are.

To educate little ones while driving we suggest involving them in reading maps or playing Number Plate Maths where they must do sums with passing number plates.


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