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Private, Cherished and Personalised Number Plates


Index of registration numbers and guide to identification marks:

An index has been compiled from information supplied by the various Local Taxation Officers and Chief Constables, with the co-operation of the Ministry of Transport.

In some cases records relating to the issue of early single and two letter marks and numbers are not available but in any case of difficulty the Local Taxation Officer is prepared to assist the trade as far as possible. All marks which expired prior to 1951 have been omitted from the index and the information appearing here forms a usefull guide to the ages of vehicles for use in connection with Ministry of Transport vehicle tests.

Where, at the time of going to press, no numbers were registered for newly allotted identification marks, these have been omitted. When Licensing Authorities have exhausted their three-letter combinations they will begin a new series with a number followed by a letter or letters.

Seven symbol registration marks came in to use in 1963. The additional symbol, a letter of the alphabet and used as a suffix indicates the year of registration with A for 1963, B for 1964 and so on. When the series has been completed, the year letter will be made a prefix.

Many Private, Cherished and Personalised number plates that you will see around today will have Three letter combinations, consisting of three letters and three numbers.

Below is a selected few of three letter number plate combinations and dates they were released:

AHD - Oct 1953-May 1955

BCW - Aug 1951-Jan 1953

CCH - Jun 1950-Mar 1951

DFA - Nov 1954-Oct 1955

EEG - Jul 1955-Jan 1956

FFF - Jul 1961-Jun 1962

GDW - Mar 1950-Sept 1951

HSN - Jan 1958-Oct 1958

IIU - Jun 1961-Apr 1962

JAG - Jan 1956-Apr 1956

KDW - Apr 1954-Feb 1955

LEN - Mar 1960-Aug 1960

MCM - Oct 1961-Apr 1962

NWM - Jul 1957-Jan 1958

OJU - Jan 1957-Mar 1957

PAT - Sept - Dec 1953

REN - Sept 1962-Apr 1955

SBL - Feb 1959-Mar 1959

TAC - Sept 1955-Oct 1955

UKG - Jan 1960-Mar 1960

VHY - Oct 1955-Nov 1955

WKM - Dec 1955

XDM - Oct 1960-Mar 1961

YND - Mar 1961-May 1960

ZR - Jun 1952-May 1961

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