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Private Number Plate Transfers


Private number plates have become a very popular and unique vehicle accessory over the last decade. Many individuals purchase more than one number plate and private number plates are also a great investment for the future. You can hold as many number plates as you wish on Retention documents or Certificate of Entitlements. Therefore if you do not have a vehicle to put your personalised registration on you can keep it on a document untill you are ready to place in on a vehicle.

It is an easy process to buy or sell a Cherished number plate now as most number plate dealers will do the whole transfer for you.

In order to do a number plate transfer straight from one vehicle to another the Original Log Book, MOT and a Photo Copy of the Tax disc (Or Sorn Certificate) for both vehicles are required. They need to be sent off to your Local DVLA office and they will then carry out the transfer.

If you are placing a registration number on a vehicle from a Retention document, you would either have to be the Grantee or the nominee on the Retention document and the document needs to be signed by the Grantee in section 1 of the V778 DVLA form. If you are adding a nominee and assigning the number plate to the vehicle at the same time you would need to fill in the nominee details and the grantee would have to sign section 1 and 6 on the V778 Retention form. This then needs to either be either sent in the post or taken to your Local DVLA office along with the Original Log Book, MOT and a photocopy of the tax disc for the vehicle you would like to assign the registration number to. The transfer will then be processed.

If you are placing a registration number  that is held on a Certificate Of Entitlement on to a vehicle, the same rules apply as with a Retention document.

DVLA transfers usually take around 4 weeks to complete.

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