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Private Number Plates Becoming a Way of Life

Private number plates are a status symbol and a way of showing off who you are.

Private number plates are a unique item that only one person can own at any one time. All number plates are released by DVLA and when certain number plates come up in the DVLA auctions held through out the year, buyers will try and out bid each other to get their hands of their favorite number plate.

Dateless number plates with few numbers and letters are becoming more popular and also number plates that spell an individuals name. These are the plates that fetch the highest bids at auction and can sell for ten's of thousands of pounds.

If you look around on the roads you will see that more and more people are opting to have private number plates on their vehicles. You can buy a private for as little as £100 so it is not just for people who can afford to splash the cash.

Many private plates are bought as presents for family and loved one's, number plates are a special gift and something that lasts a life time, even if you change you vehicle, you are able to transfer the number plate over. (Always make sure the number plate is the relevant age to relate to your vehicle).


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