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Understanding Your Number Plate


Understand your car registration number

The first letter on your number plate represents the region where your vehicle was first registered. L stands for London. The second letter represents the DVLA office and the final three letters are all random.

2010 has marked the first big change for current style registrations. Up until now 01-10 has been used for the first half of the year and  51-59 has been used for the second half of the year. As now DVLA have ran out of '50' numbers '60' is coming in to use after '59'.

So to put it in to easy terms. If your vehicle is released in March 2010 your car registration number would be GB10 ANY, if your vehicle is released in September 2010 your registration number would be GB60 ANY.

Then 2011 will be GB11 ANY and GB61 ANY and so on. This will continue untill DVLA run out of number again. This won't happen until 2050, therefore giving DVLA pleny of time to think up a new system for when this happens.



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