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Discover Celebrity Private Number Plates

When looking in to the world of celebrities and Private Number Plates, it is amazing how many famous celebrities collect number plates as one of their hobbies. Here are just a few examples

Nicky Clarke made his name in the Hairdressing industry and is now famous all over the country with salons in Mayfair, Manchester and Birmingham. He now also owns his perfect private number plate H41 RDO.

Paul Daniels is one of the most accomplished Magicians worldwide and everywhere you go people will have heard of him. In the mid eighties Paul discovered the Private Number Plate MAG 1C was up for sale in The Times newspaper which was held on a Ferrari at the time. He answered the advert and went on to purchase the number plate along with the car it was on.

Presenter Jimmy Tarbuck likes to remind us that he is a comic by showing off his private number plate COM 1C he has been the owner of this number plate since it was first released in the sixties. Along with Paul Daniels's number plate MAG 1C these two private number plates are seen to be the most recognised amongst the famous.


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