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Number Plates Targeted in Swindon

Police have revealed that recently in the last six months car number plates have been stolen from around 48 cars in the Swindon area.

The number plate thefts have been operating in both residential and industrial areas, in and around Swindon.

Detectives believe the plates are being taken as souvenirs or to clone a car's identity for criminal purposes. (This becoming more popular in recent years).

Motorists are being urged to consider measures to safeguard their number plates, such as using clutch-head screws which cannot be removed with standard tools.

Det Cons Steve Caskey said:

"Thieves target number plates for a variety of reasons including for fun 'trophies' or in more serious cases to clone the identity of another vehicle for use in crime.

"It is a nationwide problem and whilst motorists in Swindon are not especially at high risk, these offences are occurring at times and locations that means no one area is more likely to be targeted over another."

Other precautionary measures include buying a new type of number plate that shatters if anyone tries to remove them, therefore making them usless to any one trying to steel them for any purpose and or parking in busy, well-lit areas.


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