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DVLA 2011 Number Plates


 New  car buyers wanting to make their vehicles more personalised, will be pleased to hear that the DVLA is to hold a personalised number plate auction.

The 11 series of number plates will not be added to vehicles until the 1st March 2011, but anyone attending the auction could be lucky enough to get their hands on their favorite 11 series registration mark before then.

The DVLA is auctioning its best age related number plates, which will leave plenty of opportunity for car owners to spell out their favourite words. With 11 representing 2011, the number is expected to be used to spell words with a double 'L'.

(Wall, Hall, Mall or Call are just to name a few).

Using numbers to represent letters is common when it comes to personalised number plates, the number '5' often representing an 'S', the number '3' representing an 'E' and the number '8' is often used for the letter 'B'.

Among the prizes to be had at next year's auction are DE11 BOY- intended to appear as DELL BOY and other gems including BU11 DOG (BULLDOG), and WE11 BAD (WELL BAD).

Many registration plates have got reserve of up to £10,000. Therefore buyers will have to be willing to put their hands in their pockets and bid high to claim their favorite reg plate. The first day of the 11 plate release, broke all previous DVLA sales records for personalised registrations.

More than 23,000 were booked this year and are ready to be attached to new cars from March 1, bringing in a staggering £12.5 million. Whilst some were purchased as Christmas presents for loved ones and relatives, others were bought by investors hoping to re-sell in the future.

However, vehicle owners must remember that personalised number plates must be spaced in the correct manner and not altered in anyway.

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