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Private, Cherished and Personalised Number Plates


Private, Cherished and Personalised Number Plates are becoming more and more popular. Now the "11" plates have been released by DVLA everyone has been trying to get their hands on their favorite plate. Many of the "11" plates have been held back for the Auctions, where private clients and number plate dealers will bid to win their favorite registration plates.

When you are driving around you will notice that around 1 in 10 vehicles currently hold a private registration, it is thought that in another decade 1 in 5 vehicles will hold private registration numbers. This is just an estimate, but if you look at the statistics of private number plates sales over the last decade you can see where it is going.

Private or Cherished number plates make any vehicle look unique and personalised to the individual who is driving it. Dateless plates and Suffx style plates are becoming more popular as their value just keeps going up. Dateless number plates keep going up in value due to the nature of the plate, you are able to place a dateless number plate on any aged vehicle whether it be old or brand new.


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