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Personalised and Private Number Plate Auction


DVLA's latest Personalised and Private Number plate auction is coming up on Tuesday 22nd March lasting for three days ending on Thursday 24th March 2011.

The number plate auction will be held at Rudding Park Hotel in Harrogate, North Yorkshire HG3 1JH. Anyone who registers; private buyers or dealers are welcome to attend and purchase number plates at the auction.

You will have to out bid your competitors to win your favorite registration mark and if any of the previous number plate auctions are anything to go by, DVLA have high hopes to reach and even exceed their targets once again.

This particular DVLA number plate auction venue is very popular with the private buyers and always seems to have a great turn out; therefore DVLA are always more than happy to return to Rudding Park Hotel. Amungst the private buyers and the cherished number plate brokers there is always a good atmosphere in the auction room.

Just to mention a few of the registration marks coming up in the auction are:

Dateless number plate selection;

 800 AG,  95 AK,  93 CC,  3 CEE,  51 EC,  59 KG,  97 LC,  48 LD,  93 PAT,  444 YY

 Suffix number plate selection;

ANT 33R,  BAH 77A,  DEN 15N,  GEM 911J,  KAL 33R,  PAT 77L,  SCO 771D,  TER 333Y,  YAS 111F

There are many more number plates in the auction so don't worry there is the perfect registration mark for everyone, in total there will be around 1500 private number plates going under the hammer over the three day event.

Once again don't forget to register and have fun bidding on your favorite number plates.


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