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Economy on the up as luxury car sales rise


In the BBC News lately you will have heard that the economy is on the up as luxury car sales rise. At Jaguar Land Rover they have had a revenue growth of around 60% in the last 12 Months alone.

Much of the growth has come from China, Land Rover sales have rose by 55% and Jaguar sales have rose by 38% in the last year. During the year up untill March 2011 there were 193,982 car sales and the company expect to have car sales of around 200,000 plus during the next year.

 Jaguar Land Rover will start producing Land Rover models next year in India where the market is also strong at the moment. The chief executive at Jaguar Land Rover believes the UK market will strongly benefit from the volume growth.

Currently Jaguar Land Rover have Two factories in the UK one is in Solihull and the other is in Castle Bromwich, but it is possible that within the next 10 years one of these factories will close, even though the company is hoping to expand. The company is just hoping to have one very efficient factory rather than two not so efficient factories.

Lets hope that from this good news that the rest of the economy is on the up.


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