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High demand for popular private number plates


High demand for popular car number plates.

Looking at recent statistics on vehicle registration plates, there is high demand for certain types of private number plate. It seems that names and initials on cherished number plates are the most popular style of registration.

In the DVLA auctions, personal names and business names fetch the most under the hammer. Along with dateless number plates which represent private individuals initials. To name a few dateless plates; 42 JJ, 555 PAM and 11 PRK.

Next in the popularity line would be Suffix style plates and Prefix style number plates, and again the most popular in these styles of number plates being personal names, business names, hobbies and initials.

Each and every private and cherished number plate is unique and this always comes with personal preference. When purchasing a private registration number, much care and thought goes in to this whether it be for personal use or an investment for the future. This being said there is the perfect number plate out there for everyone, so get searching for yours.

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