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DVLA Private Number Plate Auctions


The latest DVLA Private Number Plate auction has kicked off today, which is taking place at; Heritage Motor Centre, Banbury Road, Gaydon in Warwickshire. The auction is a 3 day event with lots of unique and special number plates going under the hammer. There will be around 1500 private registrations up for grabs and the turn out is expected to be one of the best yet.

As always private bidders and number plate dealers are able to bid on their favorite lots. There are 4 ways in which you are able to bid on the number plate you require. The most popular being to bid in person at the auction itself, but you are also able to bid via the internet and over the telephone.

All bidders must register before hand and you are able to do this either online, by email, Fax or even by post. This applies for each DVLA number plate auction that takes place throughout the year.

Remember that when you bid on a number plate there is always around 30% to add on to the hammer price. This will include the 20% vat, 7.5% buyers premium, 20% vat on buyers premium and the £80 DVLA assignment fee. There are 5 ways in which you are able to pay for your chosen registration mark. These include Secure on-line payment using Debit or Credit card, Electronic Transfer from one bank account straight to another and paying by Cheque.

Once all this has been completed and payment has been cleared, DVLA will send out the Certificate of Entitlement (V750) for the registration or registrations you have purchased. You are then able to register the number plate to your vehicle at any point within a year of the purchase. Just adding to this you are able to keep your registration number on a Certificate of Entitlement or a Retention document for as long as you like. This is at a cost of £25 per year to DVLA to extend the entitlement of the documents.

Registration numbers can only be assigned to a vehicle in the name of the Purchaser or a vehicle registered in the name of the Nominee, if nominee details were provided on the bidder registration application. If a nominne needs to be added at a later date this is also possible at a cost of £25 to DVLA.

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