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Cars and Number Plates of 2011


Cars and number plates of 2011 have been a great success.

As we are approaching the winter months, and it is set to be a very cold one again this year, in fact according to weather forcasters we are skipping autum and going straight in to winter this year, due to the cold weather ahead of us.

The year of 2011 will soon be over and another year will be here with yet another new set of number plates for vehicles coming out. You will see lots of  "11" number plates floating around at the moment on new vehicles purchased throughout the year of 2011.

The "11" number plates have been a great success for DVLA, private investors and private number plate dealers from across the country as the "11" digits within the registration number have been able to be used as the letters "LL" which has made it possible for the buyers to make out various different words and names without having to alter the number plate at all (which bare in mind is against the law).

I would say in light of this that the "11" plates have been the most popular and best investment out of all the current style registration marks released by DVLA so far.

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