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Private Number Plates are hot topic in Torquay


Private number plates are hot topic in Torquay

One of the hot topics of the month has been the 'GU11' number plates released by DVLA in the '11' series of number plates that came out earlier in the year, as these registration marks represents the Gulls Football Team in Torquay, South Devon.

There have been lots of chances to snap up your favourite 'GU11' combination. One of the most popular is being 'GU11 SEA' as this obviously has a double meaning; representing the Gulls Football Team and also reading Seagulls. This number plate was snapped up by a business man in Torquay and his aim when purchasing the number plate is to raise money for the Torbay Hospital in Torquay as he previously received hospital treatment from the hospital himself and wanted to give them something back. He would love to sell this number plate to a Torquay United Football Fan as this would also keep the registration mark in the local area.

The other number plate that has bought a lot of interest in the press recently is 'GU11 FAN' this was also snapped up straight away and one would presume to a serious Gulls United Football Fan.

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