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Perfect Number Plates represent Special occasions


The perfect number plate to represent bonfire night is '5 NOV' this number plate was originally sold in the DVLA Auction back in 1990 and it fetched £5,200 before the entire fee's.

Cherished number plates are sort after to represent special occasions such as bonfire night, birthday dates and Christmas.

The private number plate '25 DEC' was originally sold in the DVLA auction back in 1990 and fetched £6,500 before the entire fee's.

Also dateless number plates would seem to be the most popular of all the number plate styles as they can have a double meaning for example;

'42 JJ' (could represent age and initials)

'8 MTR' (could represent a birth date and initials)

'60 ALS' (could represent age and initials or looks like Goals)

Whatever type of private number plate you require there is one for everyone and all number plates are unique and special to the individual they belong to.

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