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Which type of number plate suits your vehicle?


Which type of personalised number plate suits you and your vehicle?

This is something you would have to decide yourself as an individual, as everyone has their own personal taste and preference when it comes to choosing a private number plate for their vehicle.

If you are searching for a name, you can select either a first or sir name in the number plate request box.

There is such a vast variety of private and personalised number plates in circulation now due to their high demand. The DVLA hold four number plate auctions every year across the whole country, so where ever you may live you would be able to get to at least one of the auctions.

Certain number plates are very sort after and fetch high prices in the DVLA auctions, many buyers will have a price in mind that they are willing to go up to but even then they may go higher than wanted to become the proud owner of the cherished number plate they are after.

There is always a reserve price on all number plates going under the hammer and most of the plates exceed this amount, whereas other number plates fail to reach their reserve and will then stay in the hands of the DVLA and usually go in to the next auction a few months later. Therefore if you do happen to miss the auction in which the number plate you require is being held you may get a second bite at the cherry.


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