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Personalised '12' Series DVLA number Plates


Those of you who were lucky enough to get your hands on one of the new '12' series registration marks that DVLA released last week have had your personalised Christmas present early. There were many number plate dealers and private number plate buyers out there who didn't manage to get the registration mark they wanted due to the high demand on the day of release.

On Monday 5th December when the '12' series of DVLA number plates were available to purchase it was an extremely busy day for DVLA and all private number plate brokers across the country and for many the day did not end until very late on that night.

Don't worry though if you did not manage to purchase the number plate you wanted it may come up for sale via a number plate broker or a private seller as many people purchased various registration marks purely for investment to re-sell in the future.

The '12' series of number plates will be able to be put on vehicles that are released in March 2012, so no doubt when the time comes there will be proud owners everywhere showing off their purchase. Until then there will be people across the country itching to show off their unique personalised registration mark.


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