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Buying Private, Cherished & Personalised plates


So many people still get confused about buying private, cherished and personalised number plates for their cars / vehicles. Number plate transfers all have to go through DVLA either from one vehicle to another or straight from a retention document or certificate of entitlement to a vehicle.

Private number plate transfers usually take around 3 weeks to complete, give or take depending on the volume of work DVLA have at the time of the transfer!

Most number plate brokers will do all the transfer process from start to finish for their clients who have purchased cherished number plates off them direct.

Another thing that seems to confuse people is the difference between private, cherished and personalised number plates. The truth is that they are all the same thing it is just that people choose to call them by different names.

The next DVLA auction is coming up soon and there will be another 1500 registration marks going under the hammer. The auction will take place at De Vere Village, South Leeds, Tingley LS27 0TS. The auction will be going on for three days starting on the 21st march.

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