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Latest number plate and personalised registration


Latest private number plate and personalised registration mark updates. There is always so much going on surrounding number plates and vehicles it is hard to keep up to date with the entire on goings, but we do try our best to keep you well informed of any major changes in the DVLA system and motoring news.

There is a suggestion that soon we may be able to space our private and cherished number plates how we would like them on our cars and vehicles. We are still unable to misrepresent them in any way but we may be able to move the letters around which will definately bring the value of number plates, personal or otherwise up in value and popularity.

This will be great news for investors out there, who may own several private number plates and even for individuals that are interested in car registration marks in general. It will also be very interesting to see what happens at the DVLA auctions from now on, and see what the turn out at the next auction coming up will be like with this news in the pipe line. Nothing has been set in stone yet but hopefully we will be finding out more soon!

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