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DVLA set Old vehicles - New rules! Pre 1960 cars.


DVLA are setting old vehicles new rules as from November 2012.

DVLA are bringing out a new rule which is due to take place as from 18th November 2012 and this is, that any vehicle dating pre 1960 will no longer require an MOT. This may seem like great news at first as anyone who is not interested in the actual registration number on the vehicle will not have to get their annual MOT. But it is potentially going to have a major impact on classic car enthusiasts all over the country. There will be many people that collect classic cars and some may even just buy them for the old registration marks that they carry in a hope that they will be able to higher the value of their car and or sell the number plate separately from the vehicle itself.

As this new rule is coming soon there will be a high demand for private individuals and private number plate brokers all over the country to put old registration marks on retention documents or transfer the registration mark to another vehicle that they are able to transfer at a later date.

Many private individuals and number plate dealers will collect old classic cars purely to take the registration number off the vehicle to either sell or keep for themselves as an investment or for their own vehicles. As DVLA have only just released this information many people will not even hear about it and may then face losing their private number plates as after November they will not be able to take the number plate off the vehicle or transfer it to another. This could have a major knock on effect to the classic car and cherished number plate industry to say the least. It is quite scary to think where this may lead and what other new rules DVLA will bring out in the future with not much notification.

The reason you are unable to take the registration mark off the vehicle after this date and new rule of having no MOT on pre 1960 vehicles is due to the fact that when you put a number plate on a retention document or transfer it from one vehicle to another. Both vehicles have to be taxed and have a current MOT for the registration transfer to take place.

The DVLA have now made a new statement saying that you have the option to enter this new scheme or not, in other words you can M.O.T your vehicle if it pre dates 1960. or not M.O.T your vehicle .We advise all to contact the DVLA if they are interested in retaining a  registration number from a pre 1960 vehicle.

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