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DVLA live personalised number plate auction update


Latest DVLA live personalised number plate auction update from the latest venue: City Hall, Queens Walk, London.

Again this is a 3 day event which commenced today the 7th June running through to 9th June. There are around 1750 number plates going under the hammer and yet again a selected few have been removed from the auction before it began, one of them being WA11 KER which could have been misinterpreted by some people.

In this auction there have been several Olympic Games number plates available to purchase ahead of the London Olympic Games 2012.

A few of the favourites are:

G444 MES (GAMES), GYM 64L (GYM GAL), JUM 8P (JUMP) AND GO11 DEN (GOLDEN). These are all expected to well exceed their reserve prices.

There is also the usual sort after number plates going under the hammer and this auction is expected to have a great turn out, it probably helps that it is also taking place in London itself where the Olympic Games are actually being held later on in the year.

Aside of the Olympic Games, sports fans or athletes that are also interested in personalised and private registration marks will feel at home at this auction and may find the number plate of their dreams. I think there will be quite a bit of competition to grab one of the favourite number plates though and i would imagine there will be more than one or two bidders on some of these plates, so everyone had better be prepared for a challenge at this auction in particular.

However any registration marks not sold during this auction will be placed in another DVLA personalised number plate auction at a later date throughout the year to come. From what we have seen already this year at the auctions, this year of 2012 will be a very exciting and record breaking year for the private and cherished number plate industry. 

 This year the "11" and "12" plates will be available:

LE11 GHS (LEIGHS), MU12 PHY (MURPHY), MA12 CUS (MARCUS) and HO11 LLY (HOLLY) these are just a few to name a few of the fantastic plates that are on offer in this auction alone.

If you are unable to attend the auction, you can view all the number plates online from the DVLA catalogue.

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