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Auction For Welsh Number Plates

Welsh Number PlatesIf you are Welsh, want to show the world your pride in your nationality, and have a bit of money to spare, a Newport auction is the place to be.

The DVLA is holding a number plate sale with a Welsh theme at the city's Celtic Manor Hotel. They include Welsh - or WEL 5H - and potential buyers were told they would need £3,000 to meet the reserve price.

Other numbers include CY51 MRY, place names like N3 ATH, BAN 9OR, and first names such as MEG 44N and DYL9N.

A spokesman for the auction said it was the first time for a number of years a cherished number plate auction had been held in Wales. The catalogue features a number of plates with a Welsh theme, but there will be a total of 1,500 registrations to bid for.

The WEL 5H number plate is the first to be auctioned at 0850 BST, and the rest will be offered over the course of three days. The auction is being promoted by Welsh boxer Joe Calzaghe, who may be tempted to bid for one of the plates on offer - BOX 3R.

All the money raised goes to the Treasury. People can bid in person, via a free telephone service, the internet or through absent bidding facilities.

For more information: BBC News | DVLA Registrations


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